Hey! Spring break happened, and now we’re back on campus for the home stretch of the semester.

“How was your break, WEEKEND editors?!”


A better question would be, “Have you watched ‘Spring Breakers’ yet?”

Our answer: “FUCK YES.”

Harmony Korine’s opus of the season has overwhelmed our senses and swept over our Internet landscape. Disney Darlings with skimpy bikinis and good marksmanship? James Franco in cornrows? This film provided everyone with ultimate Twitter fodder! In this spirit, we have commissioned a broad swath of WKNDers to report back to us with their spring break experiences, tweet-style. Because midterms come and go, but spring break is forever, bitches.

Made #so many SICK vines!!! BIG AIR jump$ for the family to $njoy!

-Ava Kofman

Had life-altering convos with brilliant artists and inventors and then they left to go to parties in bars and I’m 19 … #reallifecardsyou

-Aaron Gertler

SXSW2013: I Might Be Dead

-Demetra Hufnagel

I spent time in Southern California!

-Max Saltarelli

Just saw Amanda Bynes giving me the finger? #cozumel

-Will Adams

I had a really fun spring break! Only problem is now my mattress is way less resilient 🙁 #punz

-Caleb Madison

saved China, nbd #sundayfunday

-Marissa Medansky

Spring break is about scratching my adventure itch. Bungee jumping did the trick. At least until finals week.

-TaoTao Holmes

Sometimes, when I take naps, I like covering my body from head to toe with a blanket and pretending it’s my death shroud.

-Jake Dawe

Highlight wasn’t beaches, sun or tequila. It was watching a stranger stroke my friend’s hair and run away. #dangersoflonghair #crewcut4lyfe

-Evan Beck

Did not pop molly. Am still sweating.

-Demetra Hufnagel

spring break got me thinking maybe appearing on millionaire matchmaker could be the solution to all my problems…

-Erin Vanderhoof

Ugh detained at customs. How was I supposed to know that Carson Daly was hiding in my suitcase?

-Will Adams

Loved showing my girlz the #grand #canyon. Check out our matching bracelets to #verify that it happened.

-Leah Motzkin

“I went to Israel” “Oh, on Birthright?” “Well, did you ever wonder, looking at my name, if maybe it’s my birthright to not get asked that?”

-Yuval Ben-David

The man next to me on BART is wearing a knee-length tweed vest. He looks like a hobbit. Welcome to #sanfrancisco!

-Susannah Shattuck