Dear Enthusiastic 13-Year-Old Blogger Who Kissed a Boy For The First Time Yesterday, 

I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage equality, and I was hoping you could help me. My parents always taught me that marriage was a sacred thing between a man and a woman. But then in my freshman year at Yale, I came out, and I’ve been dating the same guy since then. He wants to get married, but now I wonder whether marriage is actually too conservative of an institution for me. Should I fight for equal marriage rights, or is the movement for marriage equality merely a distraction from more effective strategies for structural change?

-Agonizing in Albany

Dear Agonizing in Albany,

thanks so much for writing! i have been thinking about some of the same issues!!………

it sounds like you have had some really random, crazy experiences which is perfect bc i have, too. that is probably why you wrote to me in the first place duh lol. there is this boy who i will not name who i have known for a loooooong time. it is always so funny when we hang out because we barely do anything and it’s so weird and funny. yesterday i went to his squash match which was totally random since i have no idea how to play squash and don’t even understand it when i watch it. we went to the eighth grade hallway after that and some things happened which i will not name but sarah you know what i’m talking about!!!!!!

anyway good luck with all the stuff you are thinking about see ya soon ttyl lylas.

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Dear Enthusiastic 13-Year-Old Blogger Who Kissed a Boy For The First Time Yesterday, 

I want to be able to give my kids everything I never had, but I’m not sure how to create that life in a way that’s ethically responsible. A lot of my friends are going to work at banks or consulting firms next year, and I’m conflicted about whether I should, too. I would make a ton of money and I could provide comfortably for my family, but how can I reconcile my desire to care for my family with my belief that we should all devote ourselves to fighting inequality?

-Wondering in Work

Dear Wondering in Work,

thanks for writing! there are definitely tons of BIG questions in this world.

you should think about it more!!! ask your friends………Surveymonkey is awesome!!

i also just wanted to tell everyone reading this…tumblrs and Facebook and other things can be read by pretty much anyone so it is NOT a great idea to write about when you may or may not have kissed a boy because THOMAS doesn’t know how to mind his own business and he might read your personal blog out loud in physics class in front of everyone >: ( even though you only wanted your best actual friends to know about your life. but i know none of my BFFs would do that. 2013 no regrets <3 <3 <3

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