The marketing software company HubSpot has announced that it is acquiring Daniel Wolchonok’s SOM ’13 startup PrepWork, an online service that enables users to build strong business relationships by creating “smart” interpersonal data.

Though HubSpot has not disclosed the financial terms of the acquisition, it is moving PrepWork’s team from New Haven to the company’s headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. Representatives from the company announced that HubSpot will eventually include PrepWork’s services in its offerings, adding that HubSpot used PrepWork’s services even before the acquisition.

Among other services, Wolchonok’s startup sends users emails with information such as relevant blog posts and social network profiles to prepare them for their upcoming meetings.

Last year, Wolchonok was one of three SOM students awarded a spot in the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Summer Fellowship Program, a 10-week boot camp that supports student-founded entrepreneurial ventures. Before enrolling at SOM, he worked as a technical solution professional at Microsoft.