Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, known more fondly as SigEp, has recently overhauled its website — and the update is looking pretty fresh.

This is big, folks. Streamlined information and user-friendly content has long been sought by people ignorant of the frat lifestyle. And finally, SigEp is giving Elis what they desperately want.

The website incorporates sleek features, including short bios of the brothers and a useful FAQ page. According to this latter section, Sigma Epsilons eschew the “frat boy” persona and refuse to let their residence become “an animal house.” Interesting, and perhaps an implicit commentary on other fraternities at Yale.

Regardless, the new online site is well-formatted and professional in appearance. Biographies of the members include funny pictures alongside serious portraits, as well as lists of their interests and extracurricular activities. The website undoubtedly provides a new image of a fraternity that has occasionally marked by notoriety.

Since SigEp now has the best website, the fraternity virtual arms race is on.

My only complaint is that SigEp did not have its Harlem Shake promotional video — which was removed from YouTube on Feb. 13 — featured on the page. That would have guaranteed some traffic to the site.

With this dramatic makeover, SigEp is doing something right. The website combines a cool, modern design with an emphasis on the broader purpose of the SigEp brand. It’s an online feature that would make Jimmy Tatro proud.