Jonathan Edwards students returning from spring break were treated to an unexpected email Sunday morning, when JE Dean Jody Spooner ’91 informed them that a “malicious act of vandalism” in the dining hall would postpone brunch by 30 minutes.

According to JE Master Penelope Laurans, the vandalism occurred in the early morning after a fire extinguisher was taken from the Master’s Office and unleashed in the dining hall. The resulting cloud of foam covered the entire dining hall and took workers over three hours to clean, added Laurans.

Laurans said she was “shocked and disturbed” by the attack, adding that she couldn’t “believe that anyone from Yale would do anything like this.”

“What this suggests to me is alcohol stupidity,” Laurans said.

The perpetrators are not thought to be students or members of the Yale community.

Laurans confirmed that police are currently investigating and the case is being treated as a crime. Over email, she stated her conviction that nobody from JE was involved, but called for anybody with information about the attack to come forward.

“We take this with utmost seriousness and if we find the perpetrator, he or she will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” she said.