While our University has numerous print publications today, Yale has consistently lacked an outlet for broadcast journalism. Yet as the News strives to engage with a developing online medium, the need for video journalism at Yale has become increasingly apparent.

In an effort to fill this void, the News is proud to announce the launch of YTV, a Yale Daily News weekly video broadcast.

Starting March 31, YTV will broadcast Sunday evenings at 5 p.m. with weekly headlines, original broadcast reporting and interview segments with major campus and world figures. Viewers can find both the complete broadcasts and individual segments on YTV’s newly created landing page.

This expansion would not have been possible without the hard work of Madison Alworth ’15, Raleigh Cavero ’15, Lillian Fast ’14, Charlie Kelly ’14 and Danielle Trubow ’14. In addition, the new landing page was created entirely by Lead Web Developers Earl Lee ’15 and Akshay Nathan ’15.

We hope you enjoy watching.


Tapley Stephenson, Editor in Chief