Nathan Harden, the author of “Sex and God at Yale,” appeared Thursday as a guest on an Evangelical news show to discuss — and denounce — Sex Week.

“The 700 Club,” aired on the Christian Broadcasting Network and hosted by 82-year-old Pat Robertson, featured an interview with Harden as part of a segment documenting the corruption Harden and Robertson said Yale fosters in its unsuspecting students. The pair especially criticized Sex Week, a spate of events and lectures on sexual subjects held on campus most recently in late February and early March this year.

“There’s really a war being waged on the mind by the faculty and administration,” Harden said.

Harden maintained that the University does not teach its students anything about morality or academics. He encouraged Christian students to “expose the lies that are being told in the classrooms,” though he did not mention specifics. Robertson compared allowing sex product demonstrations and pornography screenings to take place in classrooms to allotting classroom space to Ku Klux Klan activity.

“Why would anybody send a little girl to Yale to think that she might get subjected to sadomasochism?” he said about the screening of hard-core porn.

This year’s Sex Week did not permit commercial sponsors and received strong support from Yale College Dean Mary Miller and Assistant Dean Melanie Boyd.