Eight Yale faculty members are among the 33 scientists elected to the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE) this year. Election is based on exceptional contributions to a particular area of scientific research.

Yale faculty are well-represented in the Academy, constituting 24 percent of the class of 2013, 38 percent of the class of 2012 and 31 percent of the class of 2011.

“I am honored to have been elected to the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering,” wrote Yale computer science professor Joan Feigenbaum in an email to the News. “CASE includes people from all areas of science, technology, engineering, and math, and it is very gratifying to be recognized by such an eclectic and distinguished group.”

The full list of elected faculty members is below:

  1. Eric Altman, professor of chemical and environmental engineering
  2. John Carlson, professor of molecular, cellular and developmental biology
  3. Joan Feigenbaum, professor of computer science
  4. Jorge Galán, professor of microbiology
  5. George Lister, professor of pediatrics and physiology
  6. J. Patrick Loria, professor of chemistry
  7. Marina Picciotto, professor of psychiatry
  8. Hong Tang, associate professor of electrical engineering

The new members will be honored at the Academy’s 38th annual meeting and dinner at Quinnipiac University on May 22.