• As the sequester goes into effect and the country braces for across-the-board budget cuts, University officers are devising a plan in response to expected reductions in federal research funding and financial aid for students. President Barack Obama signed the sequester, an indiscriminate series of government-mandated budget cuts that will directly impact most government agencies, but its implications for universities remain unclear until federal agencies determine how they will adjust to meet the mandated budget reductions. Yale administrators are meeting tomorrow to discuss the consequences of the sequester for the University, President-elect Peter Salovey told the News, and Provost Benjamin Polak said administrators are communicating with their peers at Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to ensure Yale is “on the same page” as other major research universities.
  • In response to the Newtown shooting, New Haven has started a Community Resilience Initiative dedicated to coordinating and strengthening mental health services in the Elm City. Yesterday, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Mayor John DeStefano Jr., Superintendent of New Haven Public Schools Reginald Mayo and state Sen. Toni Harp met at Metropolitan Business Academy to discuss the new program and announce that they plan to seek additional funding for mental health services in New Haven. The plan includes additional funding for the New Haven Trauma Coalition, which promotes mental health and well-being for pregnant and parenting women in New Haven, and for Boost!, which partners New Haven Public Schools with nonprofits in the community to form programs for students. In addition, all New Haven public school students will be screened for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and the city will launch a campaign to educate the public about mental health awareness and the impact of childhood trauma.
  • The People’s Arts Collective — a gallery and studio space located on College Street — will soon double as a weekly social space for the city’s LGBTQ youth. Starting March 25, the PAC will be open to local high school and college students for a new program called “LGBTQ Kickback Space,” which includes social activities, a mentorship program and workshops on queer-related issues from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. every Monday. The program is staffed by a group of volunteer organizers that currently includes around 10 undergraduates, graduate students and New Haven residents, and organizers said they expect 20 to 40 students to attend the first meeting. The space will fill a gap in New Haven’s resources for LGBTQ youth because existing programs are not regular or widely used, said organizer Kenneth Reveiz ’12, who works at PAC and teaches at the New Haven Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School.


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