On Sunday afternoon, Yale’s all-female, all-senior a cappella group Whim ‘n Rhythm confirmed the list of junior women chosen to ascend. Below is the list, along with the singing (or other) groups with which they are affiliated. While last year every Whim tap was chosen from the ranks of Singing Group Council member groups, this year three taps were not affiliated with a singing group at all, and another came from the Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus.

Current Whim ‘n Rhythm Business Manager Julia Osterman ’13 said in an email that it is not unheard of for Whim to attract singers who have not previously participated in a cappella at Yale, though this has not been the case in the past couple of years, adding that this year’s auditions saw an “average turnout and a very competitive pool.”

“I’m excited that next year’s group includes people from groups outside of the [Singing Group Council],” Osterman said. “I think those women, all of whom have been involved in musical theater at Yale, will bring fresh ideas about performance, repertoire, soloing, and different styles of singing to Whim that will blend nicely with the a cappella experiences of the women from [Singing Group Council] groups.”

Check out the list below:

Kathleen Addison — Something Extra
Emma Akrawi — Redhot & Blue
Julie Aust — Redhot & Blue
Mary Bolt — Mixed Company
Allison Bryant — Out of the Blue
Lucy Cabrera — Yale Drama Coalition
Kelly Campbell — Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus
Laurel Durning-Hammond — Yale Drama Coalition
Julia Hosch — Something Extra
April Koh — Living Water
Anna Miller — Mixed Company
Jade Nicholson — Something Extra
Katherine Paulsen — The New Blue
Chandler Rosenthal — Yale Drama Coalition