Yale Law School moved its application deadline from March 1 to March 4 due to a glitch with the Law School Admissions Council’s online system, which is akin to the Common Application for college applicants.

Due to the glitch, which the council discovered on Feb. 26, some applicants were unable to access the council’s website and use its credential assembly service. Spokeswoman for the council Wendy Margolis told The National Law Journal that though the problem was fixed on the day it emerged, it will take time for the different Internet channels to process the fix.

“People need to keep trying to access the site, because the fix may have made its way through,” Margolis said. “We understand their pain, and we are doing all we can. People need to be patient.” The council subsequently announced that schools with March 1 application deadlines — approximately one-quarter of all law schools — will continue accepting applications after that date. The University of Pennsylvania Law School pushed back its deadline to March 8.