The oldest college a cappella group in the U.S. has finalized its newest tap class of singers (a.k.a. JPress models) Saturday evening. Here is a tentative list of the 14 lucky juniors and the a cappella groups they were in before the rapture:

Nick Maas — Society of Orpheus and Bacchus
Alex Ratner — The Duke’s Men
Nathaniel Dolquist — Spizzwinks(?)
Nathaniel Barnett — Spizzwinks(?)
Bobby Dresser — The Baker’s Dozen
Ike Silver — Shades
Mark Trapani — The Duke’s Men
Nimal Eames-Scott — The Duke’s Men
Sharif Youssef — Society of Orpheus and Bacchus
Brady Ward — Spizzwinks(?)
Ben Lewis — Redhot & Blue
Connor Buechler — The Baker’s Dozen
Benji Goldsmith — The Duke’s Men
Dan Stein — Spizzwinks(?) (Stein is an opinion editor for the News)

Check back soon for more information about Whim ‘n Rhythm’s newest tap class. We’ll post as soon as we know which lucky females made the cut.