In celebration of Timothy Dwight Master Jeffrey Brenzel’s 60th birthday on Tuesday, several TD students and the TD writing tutor Diane Charney gave the storied master a gift that has secured his legacy at Yale: “The Brenzel,” a sandwich that will become the modern-day counterpart to the iconic Wenzel.

The sandwich — which will be served at Town Pizza on Whitney Avenue — was revealed on Tuesday under the guise of a Mellon Forum presentation on “Grand Strategy” by Alex Werrell ’13. At the event, attendees taste-tested four different sandwiches to determine the perfect one that would be receive the Brenzel distinction, though Charney declined to name which ones were preferred to keep a “certain air of mystery.” Participants were asked to place a red poker chip in the cup next to their chosen sandwich.

“Love the sandwich — had my first one last night, in fact,” Brenzel told the News. “Frankly, it’s good to be celebrated for anything, and I’ll gladly take a sandwich.”

Charney, who helped orchestrate the plot, had a grand vision for the newly christened “Brenzel,” saying she hoped it would be a “‘TD family kind of thing that would be regularly ordered for study breaks.” She added that there may need to be a runoff vote for the lucky winner, since not all participants are convinced about the outcome of the preliminary vote.

But that’s not all.

“Wenzel? Shmenzel! Try a Brenzel!” is the semi-defiant, super-catchy slogan being thrown around in support of the new sandwich on the block. Can this up-and-comer really dethrone the heavyweight prizewinner that is the ever-holy Wenzel? Maybe this weekend, when you’re stumbling back to your dorm, give Town Pizza a call and see if we’re on the verge of a turf war.