• New Haven Public Schools Superintendent Reginald Mayo has announced that he will retire at the end of this year, effective June 30. Find out more about his legacy and what Mayo’s announcement means for the city in tomorrow’s News.
  • Peter Salovey has just four months until he settles into the President’s Office in Woodbridge Hall. Until then, the President-elect is on the move. Since Benjamin Polak took over as provost on Jan. 15, Salovey has devoted his full attention to preparations for the presidency. By the end of this semester, Salovey will have completed a partial world-tour to meet donors and introduce himself to the global Yale community. Though Salovey has been spotted in the lobby of the Yale Club of New York, trips down the Connecticut shoreline are just the beginning, as Salovey estimated he spends about one-third of his time traveling for the job.
  • University President-elect Peter Salovey wore two hats during this afternoon’s panel on the role of cultural centers on Yale’s campus, speaking both as Yale’s next president and as a social scientist. The event, which was hosted by La Casa as part of a weeklong campaign to increase awareness of the center, hosted three panelists — Salovey, Trumbull College Dean Jasmina Besirevic-Regan and Student Affairs Fellow Hannah Peck DIV ’11 — who discussed self-segregation, social identity and affirmative action. Salovey said the criticism cultural houses receive for being self-segregating is inevitable because race has been a sensitive issue in U.S. history.

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