Luv in this club. If you didn’t find your soulmate at Toad’s last night, don’t worry. Today is Valentine’s Day — otherwise known as “Singles Awareness Day” — and Cupid is reportedly out and about shooting his arrows of love all across campus. And in any case, there’s always Saturday night Toad’s. Or lab. Or section. Or SigEp tonight. Anyway, there are plenty of fish in the sea so don’t worry.

Brainiacs on campus. Two Yalies have been named Gates Scholars, recipients of a prestigious scholarship that funds postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge. Matt Shafer ’13, who is involved with the nuclear weapons abolition advocacy group Global Zero at Yale, will pursue a M.Phil. degree in political thought and intellectual history, and physics major Rachel Kurchin ’13 will pursue an M.Phil. degree in materials science. Kurchin has a background in environmental issues, including climate change and renewable energy.

Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Maybe in Morse dining hall. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Morse College will open its dining hall balcony for performances tonight, a once-a-year event that is expected to draw Shakespeare enthusiasts and wannabe actors to the venue. Members of the Morse College Council will act as judges and award “fabulous” prizes to top participants.

On a break. J. Press, the clothing store on York Street that has dressed the University’s gentlemen for more than a century, is temporarily closed after a portion of its front gambrel roof wall dislodged from the roof framing and interior walls, according to the Yale Alumni Magazine. The store will reopen temporarily at 976 Chapel St., conveniently between Ann Taylor and Shake Shack.

Questionable statistics. The National Jurist has released its rankings of top law schools, and the results are, well, surprising. After compiling data taken in part from, the National Jurist ranked Yale 13th in the country, after Harvard, Columbia, the University of Alabama, Texas Tech University and Louisiana State University. Yale Law School received an A in the “employment” category, but a D in “professor availability” as measured by the Princeton Review.

Good news or bad news? Though New Haven public schools will remain closed this week, Elm City students will meet next week during their scheduled February break to make up for lost time.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1966 Pro-segregation Sen. Allen J. Ellender is scheduled to discuss Africa at a Yale Political Union meeting.

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