• As University President Richard Levin prepares to leave Yale’s highest office next summer, the University prepares to gain a new first couple: President-elect Peter Salovey and his wife, Marta Moret SPH ’84. The tale of Peter and Marta traces its beginning to fall 1983. Salovey had just been elected president of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, and he would soon experience the first of many presidential perks: meeting Moret, his vice president for communications. Salovey came into GPSCY Bar on York Street for a GPSS meeting when he first laid eyes on Moret, and Moret remembers the moment vividly because, she alleged, Salovey put his glasses on to get a better look when she introduced herself to the group. But if it was love at first sight, it wasn’t quite reciprocated.
  • In the wake of a renewed national focus on mental health services after the Sandy Hook shootings last December, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy has released a budget for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services that will increase funding for young adult services but may leave some of the state’s most vulnerable patients without public assistance. The proposed budget calls for an increase in support for home and community-based services, in addition to brain injury placements and help for adolescent and early adult patients. But the plan also reduces funding for legal services and testing, including eliminating $1.3 million for research at the Yale-affiliated Connecticut Mental Health Center.
  • Following a comprehensive review of Yale’s doctoral programs conducted in 2011, Graduate School Dean Thomas Pollard released a report on master’s programs Wednesday. The report, which was complied by the Graduate School Dean’s Office, examined the 20 terminal master’s programs administered by the Graduate School of Art and Sciences. Based on interviews with faculty and a comprehensive survey of students, the report recommends that departments review their master’s programs, create a system to track graduates from each program after graduation, conduct regular surveys and find more ways to recognize the important role master’s students play in the University as a whole. According to the report, 84 percent of master’s students said they would recommend their programs to others, but many said they felt master’s students were prioritized below the more numerous undergraduate and doctoral candidates and suggested improvements to advising, course offerings and workspace options.

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