New Haven public schools will meet during February break to make up for the lack of classes during New Haven’s two megastorms this year, according to a Wednesday press release from Abbe Smith, director of communications for New Haven Public Schools.

Classes will meet next Tuesday, Feb. 19, through Friday, Feb. 22, to make up four days of lost classes in the aftermath of last weekend’s blizzard. Though Yalies started trudging to class today, New Haven public school students have the rest of the week off as the Elm City continues to recover from the biggest storm to hit New Haven in over 100 years.

So far this academic year, the district has had to cancel 10 days of classes following Superstorm Sandy and last weekend’s blizzard. By law, the school district is required to complete 180 days of school by June 10, and only two snow days had been accounted for in the calendar.

“We don’t want our students out of school for too long,” said Superintendent of Schools Reginald Mayo in the press release. “We canceled school for a week out of concern for the safety of our students and a need to keep people off the roads during intense snow removal operations. Now it is time for them to get back in the classroom and back to the business of learning.”

The district will work with the New Haven Federation of Teachers to come up with a plan to reschedule the additional days.