Some students took advantage of the blizzard to build snowmen and… decorate them. Photo by Patrick Casey.

Remember when a snow day meant making wholesome snowmen, getting serious air on your homemade trashcan-lid sled and maybe just a little raging? Well, after Blizzard Nemo blew through, Yalies decided to take things a step further and found some creative ways to make traditional snow shenanigans that much more fun.

Naturally, snowmen of all kinds were born, but the chillest one on campus could be found on Old Campus and Saybrook courtyard, PBRs in hand, wearing a beer cap button-down and a crown of Coors Light cardboard. Perhaps this bro-man was having a hard time getting back to the igloo spotted in Berkeley and Swing Space courtyard.

Up on Science Hill, members of the snowboarding club shelved their physics textbooks and lab coats to take advantage of the 30-plus inches of fresh powder by building a ramp and pulling tricks normally reserved for half-pipes in Vermont. “Shred New Haven” took place outside the Kline Biology Tower at 10 a.m. this morning, roughly a half hour before several cross-country skiers, not to be outdone, were spotted on Elm Street making their way down the hilly terrain.

Of course, Saybrook needed to get in on the action. Following the now-blowing-up trend of flash mob videos set to Bauuer’s “Harlem Shake,” (you call it the “Gangnam Style” of 2013), 20 or so Saybrugians erupted in a spastic dance party triggered by a rogue snowball to the head in an otherwise-peaceful courtyard. And last night, members of Timothy Dwight College stormed Silliman College’s courtyard, lobbing snowballs at passers-by as epic music blared on in the background.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that our counterparts in Cambridge haven’t quite left their rooms, apparently engrossed in some kind of Pixar movie marathon. Hope they had fun playing with their squishys.

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Check out Saybrook’s “Harlem Shakes” for yourself: