Stephen Colbert. Willie Nelson. Jeremy Lin. Jimmy Fallon. Napoleon Dynamite.

And now, Cory Booker?

For you ice cream aficionados out there, you probably already know that every member in the above list has a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor named after him. Now, it looks like Newark Mayor and Yale Law alum Cory Booker LAW ’97 may one day join that list. Booker has recently expressed a desire to have his own flavor, according to Ben and Jerry’s Public Relations Director Sean Greenwood, and between his escapades saving women from burning buildings, rescuing neighborhood dogs and shoveling driveways, one has to wonder where getting his own flavor would rank on that list.

The possibilities for Booker’s flavor, of course, are endless.

Greenwood suggested both “Smart Cookie” — since the Rhodes scholar also attended Stanford, Oxford and Yale Law — and “Mayor’s 7-Layer Cake,” a nod to the “many levels of society” Booker deals with on a daily basis.

But no matter what it’s called, we can all agree that this flavor should immediately debut in Yale’s dining halls if ever released.