Here at WEEKEND, as we sit in our nostalgia-filled attic space at the very top of 202 York St., we strive to make our content about what our readers want. And we know that you want a lot of things, kids. You want that print edition of WEEKEND you can cuddle with on a Friday morning (or afternoon, if that’s your lifestyle). You want the wit and passion of our writers, be they penning long-form reported pieces or astute observations of art, theater and the world around them. And you want something you can look at on your portable screen of choice for a quick chuckle during your long day/night/what-are-hours-anymore-midterms-are-coming.

So we’re bringing you an expansion of WEEKEND, one we’ve been working on for months, a new era for what was once Afterhours, spent nearly a decade as scene, and is now your beloved WEEKEND. We ever-so-humbly present the WKND BLOG.

It’s on-trend (digital!), it’s simple and it’s nestled on the YDN home page for easy access. Even as our esteemed colleagues over at Cross Campus continue to cover news — and give us some lulz — on the reg, get to the WKND BLOG to find commentary on everything from old films to global politics, feminism to ragin’, and encounter new voices in the Yale community that you’ll wish you’d heard from sooner. We’re proud of the blogger team we’ve already assembled — and we’re excited to try out some new voices, so email us at, if you’d like to chat about contributing. For now, get browsing!


Patrice Bowman ’15

Becca Edelman ’14

Jen Mulrow ’14

Kiki Ochieng ’15

Aishwarya Vijay ’14