Consult this blog post before venturing into New Haven to grab your next meal.

Three restaurants in the Elm City — Great Wall on Whalley Avenue, Dee Asian Kitchen and Sahara Middle Eastern Cuisine — all failed the city’s most recent round of health inspections, according to the New Haven Independent. Restaurants can fail the city’s health inspection for a variety of reasons, including failing to refill paper towels or keeping dirty hand sinks and dirty floors. The city ranks restaurants on a scale from 1-100 — restaurants that fall below an 80 fail the health inspections.

All of the restaurants are located approximately 10 minutes away from campus, with two on Temple Street and one on Whalley Avenue.

The majority of the 27 restaurants inspected, though, passed their inspections, including Prime 16 and the Pizza Hut on Whalley Avenue. Prime 16 barely passed the inspection with a score of 82.