We’re going retro! Sort of. Did you like yesterday’s black-and-white issue? If so, you’ll love today’s paper. Again, #printerproblems.

The 13th college? Not quite, but there’s a new housing structure coming to Yale. Griffin Collier’s ’13 project “The Treehouse at Yale” is quickly gaining steam and, if successful, would establish a treehouse in the Yale-Myers Forest. As of press time, the effort boasted 181 backers who pledged a total of $9,536 — a significant leap from Collier’s original goal of $5,000. Kickstarter funding for the project will end on Saturday.

Magic for Muggles. This weekend kicks off Harry Potter Weekend at Yale, a magical adventure organized by the Sophomore Class Council and filled with Quidditch workshops, the Yule Ball, a Harry Potter movie marathon and a Horcrux scavenger hunt. For those of you still upset that you never received your letter from Hogwarts, now’s your chance. Seize the moment. Let your inner 11-year-old shine.

Too much money in the bank. Now that incumbent Mayor John DeStefano Jr. is not running for re-election, the long-term politician needs to decide where to place the nearly $70,000 he still has in his campaign fund, according to the New Haven Independent. DeStefano has a few options: He can donate the money to any nonprofit organization or return it to his contributors. He cannot, however, give the money to another political campaign before the election.

Weighing in. Yale Law professor Bruce Ackerman LAW ’67 penned an op-ed in The Huffington Post yesterday that discussed the Supreme Court’s “war on the twentieth century.” According to Ackerman, this is the dominant question raised by the Supreme Court’s recent series of decisions, including the health care ruling.

It’s a digital world. Harvard Law School debuted its first-ever online course on Monday, a 12-week class called “Copyright” that is taught by Harvard professor William Fisher III. The class, which accepted 500 students out of 4,100 applicants, is being offered through Harvard’s branch of the online learning platform edX.

Keeping count. The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness has teamed up with New Haven Public Schools to improve the city’s count of its homeless population, which typically numbers around 500, the New Haven Register reported.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1942 The Engineering School releases revisions to its curriculum to prepare students better for the war effort.