In memory. The Yale women’s ice hockey team held its third annual “White Out for Mandi” fundraiser on Saturday, raising more than $10,000 for the Mandi Schwartz Foundation. The event honored Mandi Schwartz ’10, who passed away after a 28-month battle with leukemia.

Say goodbye to your productivity. Since Friday, Yalies have been able to stream live, high-definition television to their laptops for free through IPTV provider Tivli. All undergraduates living on campus will have access to 28 channels, ranging from the History Channel to Comedy Central.

A star is born. The New Haven Fire Department was featured in this weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” in which SNL actor Bill Hader threw a tantrum after seeing fellow firefighter, played by Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, talking to Hader’s ex-girlfriend, who Hader dated nine years ago for two weeks. The situation gets so bad that Hader ultimately breaks down and is attacked by an inanimate Dalmatian that he tries to throw out the window. Not SNL’s best skit.

Watch your stuff. Morse College Master Amy Hungerford and Ezra Stiles College Master Stephen Pitti ’91 warned students in a Friday email to keep their doors locked and watch out for unfamiliar faces after a student’s wallet, phone and keys were stolen in a computer lab shared by the two colleges. At the time of the theft, a “strange man” was observed in the computer lab room, according to Hungerford.

Question of the decade. For those of you who do intramurals, you may be wondering: When was the Yale intramurals website last updated? According to a blog of the same name, it has been 72 days since the website last received a makeover, as of press time.

Stanley McChrystal speaks. The retired general and senior fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs said yesterday that he thinks women will eventually become part of the special operations unit, including the Navy SEALs and Army Rangers. In addition, McChrystal told CNN’s “State of the Union” that he supported the Pentagon’s recent decision to lift the ban on women serving in combat.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1914 The Inter-Fraternity Council updates its pledging rules, which include prohibiting fraternity or society members from visiting a freshman’s room “except for the purpose of soliciting subscriptions or selling articles of merchandise.”