After months of anticipation, Yalies on Friday could finally stream live high-definition TV to their laptops through IPTV provider Tivli. Yale, say hello to the new service and goodbye to your productivity.

While Tivli currently features 28 channels ranging from the History Channel to Comedy Central, it is notably missing HBO GO, the on-demand archive of HBO which ITS said in the fall would be included in the offering. When asked, Director of ITS Network Services David Galassi said in an email that HBO GO will arrive as soon as Tivli, Yale and HBO finalize technical details.

Tivli is accessible via computers and Roku boxes. In addition, support for iPhone, iPads and Android devices is coming in the near future, according to the Tivli website.

Signing onto Tivli requires both Facebook and CAS login. Currently, only undergraduates living on campus may access the service.

Tivli offerings are listed below:

  1. CW
  2. PBS
  3. CBS
  4. FOX
  5. ABC
  6. NBC
  7. AMC
  8. Animal Planet
  9. BET
  10. Bravo
  11. CNBC
  12. CNN
  13. Comedy Central
  14. ESPN
  15. FX
  16. Food Network
  17. HBO
  18. History Channel
  19. MSNBC
  20. MTV
  21. MSG
  22. NESN
  23. Spike
  24. Syfy
  25. TBS
  26. Discovery Channel
  27. TNT
  28. USA