Winter has arrived. The snow has powdered our Gothic archways, the roads have been salted. We have spied the changing seasons outside our perch at 202 York St.: leaves falling, wolves howling, grad students a-hootin’.

Last semester, a new batch of editors took over the reins of the Yale Daily News, and WEEKEND began to trace its own uncharted course. We were given a vessel with no compass — 12 weekly pages meant to champion the arts and the living.

Every day truly became WEEKEND; the mind-meld jokes became a little too real. The four of us made a home out of our fourth-floor den. Thursday doses of gin and tonic, proofing sessions to the tune of Beck, self-indulgent prizes in the form of “Grey’s Anatomy” and BAR pizza.

More importantly, we reported. We informed. We entertained. We beat the A-section’s deadline. We gave you an inside peek at Yale’s drag culture, waxed poetic about Snowbama, taught you how to “seize the night.” We gave you dildos and almond pussy. And we all had fun doing it.

In just three months, we’ve taken our baby leaps. Strides have been made on the online front — a more consistent stream of video posts and blog series has reinvigorated our Web presence, laying down the foundation for the launch of an independent WEEKEND vertical on the YDN’s main homepage. We have made room in our Views page, in our covers, in our doubletrucks, for more colorful, personal and experimental writing. We dusted off the Twitter account.

A new year brings a new(er) and revamped agenda. It also brings a changing of the guard, so to speak. Our dear Cora, poised and sharp, has had to step down from her post as editor. In her stead, Caroline McCullough has graciously joined our team. We plan to ride the winds of this fresh burst of energy, and carry ourselves through the cold and the white nights with diligence and a 30-rack.

Looking ahead, our readers can expect MOAR! More digging, more critique, more analysis, more tweets and even more pictures of meat. We want our writers to keep working for the WEEKEND. Around here, our readers become our writers. Give us your tired, your novel ideas, your questions, your pressing concerns yearning to breathe free, to be voiced in our columns.

Preston Tapley Stephenson IV, and the covers of yore plastered on our office walls, stare at us with anticipation and high hopes. We are ready for this challenge.

Editor’s note: Caroline McCullough has recused herself from this week’s doubletruck. The content in these two pages was assigned and written before Caroline assumed her role as editor.