YCC Secretary Leandro Leviste ’15 will take the spring semester off to work on his mother’s re-election campaign in the Philippines and plans to leave his YCC position vacant, Leviste announced in a Thursday night email to the YCC.

He said he plans to stay on campus until Feb. 7 or Feb. 8 to help “tie up all the loose ends and manage a smooth transition.” His departure marks the second time a YCC Executive Board member has left Yale in the past month, following the earlier departure of former YCC Vice President Debby Abramov ’14.

According to the rules outlined in its constitution, the YCC will elect a secretary in the same way it elected new vice president Danny Avraham ’15 this week. The YCC Executive Board will choose Leviste’s replacement from current members of the YCC subsidiary bodies, including the Freshman Class Council, Sophomore Class Council, Junior Class Council and the Undergraduate Organizing Committee.