Brace yourselves. Hell hath frozen over. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid-20s all week, so take this time to stock up on hot chocolate and invest in scarves. You’ll need ’em.

For juniors out there, the Junior Class Council is selling class of 2014 apparel, which include — thankfully — fleece jackets, striped scarves, hats and tube socks. Yes, tube socks.

Calling all Silicon Valley wannabes. The Yale College Council has launched its first-ever YCC Tech Month, a 28-day event that will include an inaugural Hackathon, the YCC App Challenge and joint events with Yale BootUp and ITS. Let your inner Mark Zuckerberg out.

Or don’t, if you want to distance yourself from Harvard and its crop of cheaters. Harvard announced yesterday that it has delivered verdicts to all of the roughly 125 students involved in the “Introduction to Congress” cheating scandal that exploded last year. Administrators said they completed their investigation in December and will make an announcement near the beginning of this semester about the results.

We the People. The Davenport College Council is in the process of revising its constitution and is seeking input from Davenport students about the changes. All members of the gnome college are invited to attend a DCC meeting and vote on the proposal.

After returning from a trip to the Middle East, Sen. Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73 is calling for the U.S. to increase its humanitarian aid to Syria. The Yale Law alumnus said the country has a “historic obligation and opportunity” to contribute to the war-torn country.

A Kodak moment. The New Haven school district announced yesterday that the Elm City’s high school graduation rate has increased to 70.5 percent this year. The dropout rate has also decreased by 4.2 percent, bringing the current rate down to 21 percent.

Still in the red. Connecticut is still $64.4 million in the red despite legislators’ attempts last year to eliminate the state budget deficit. The deficit is due in part to decreased revenues, which dropped $33.9 million since last month, according to the state’s Office of Policy and Management.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1977 Donald Ogilvie ’65 is appointed associate dean for operations and finance at the School of Management.