Effective today, Danny Avraham ’15 will replace Debby Abramov ’14 as the vice president of Yale College Council, taking the helm after Abramov announced earlier this month that she would not return to Yale this semester.

The YCC Executive Board met today to determine the new vice president according to its constitution, which require the executive board to vote on two finalists. The two finalists this year were Avraham and Benjamin Ackerman ’16, who made the last round out of the seven initial applicants for the position. YCC President John Gonzalez ’14 said that as the previous chair of YCC’s Academics Committee, Avraham will bring a variety of crucial skills to the position.

“Danny has exhibited a lot of leadership, from micro things like being responsive over email, being on time for meetings and selling tickets for events, to macro things like serving as YCC’s point person for Yale’s dean of academics,” Gonzalez said.

Abramov is working on a handbook to inform Avraham more about the expectations for the position, Gonzalez said. Avraham said he is looking forward to implementing strategies for the YCC to become more “efficient and productive.” Once Avraham determines his new time commitments as vice president, he will decide whether he can continue serving as the chair of the academics committee. If he cannot, the YCC will determine a new chair internally, according to Gonzalez.