• The Yale Law School Ph.D. program received 82 applications for five spots in its inaugural class. The three-year program, which is geared toward students seeking careers in legal academia, is a product of “a long and deliberative process” among members of the Law School community, said Gordon Silverstein, assistant dean for graduate programs at the Law School. Though the program will last three years, Silverstein said it will resemble a six-year program — the standard duration of doctoral study in the Graduate School — because students will arrive with the common background of a three-year J.D.
  • As the conversation on gun control heats up across the country, the New Haven Police Department has taken scores of guns off the streets in three successive gun buyback events over the past month. Sponsored by the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, a national injury prevention program for children, the buyback program allows Elm City residents to turn in guns, ammunition and weapons safely and anonymously in exchange for gift cards. Last December, the police organized three buybacks, collecting a total of 160 firearms, both legally and illegally purchased. Spreading nationwide in the wake of mass shooting tragedies, gun buybacks have helped reduce the number of legal and illegal firearms on the streets and provided citizens with a process to turn in weapons without fear of prosecution, NHPD spokesman David Hartman said.
  • Over 40 students will meet weekly throughout the spring as part of a series of discussion workshops on sex-related topics run by the Sexual Literacy Forum. SeLF, which was formed last spring to provide an outlet for discussing issues about sexual culture on campus, has organized an 11-week discussion program that covers topics such as masturbation, birth control and setting sexual boundaries in small-group sessions facilitated by students. Five pilot workshops held last fall received positive feedback, and this semester’s program will consist of four sessions per week with 10 students in each session beginning Jan. 20.

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