Returning thespians and theater fans alike will be greeted this semester by a new website for the Yale Drama Coalition.

The new site, which went up on Jan. 3, moved the site from coding language PHP to the more modern “Ruby on Rails,” the web framework that is also used by Yale BlueBook. Created by Charlie Croom ’12, Jared Shenson ’12 and YDC webmaster Stuart Teal ’14, the site’s goal is to give undergraduate productions an online space to communicate with the Yale community, such as posting shows and managing tickets, according to Teal. (Croom is a former photo editor for the News, and Shenson is a former production and design editor for the News.)

Key features of the new site also include integration with CAS as well as the photo-sharing site Picasa, which allows students to keep a streamlined — and fireproof — visual archive of past shows. In addition, the site is programmed to send automatic email notifications to YDC leaders when it receives a request for a new show, as well as emails to Undergraduate Production when a new show appears on the site.

But most importantly, users unfamiliar with the YDC website should not be surprised to find the occasional picture of a llama wearing a hat on some pages.

“It’s the drama llama,” Teal explained. “It’s just a big inside joke.”