We always knew the Whiffenpoofs could harmonize with music, but they’ve recently proven they can harmonize with colors, and, yes, even with different colored ties.

Their most recent harmonizing is all over Pinterest, GQ.com and Brandon Levin’s Facebook page. The Whiffs are the cover boys for the newest line from J. Press: York Street.

Apparently, J. Press has decided that there is a void to be filled in the New Haven fashion scene, and they know just how to fill it. It doesn’t seem to bother the company that in a one-block radius, stores such as Gant, Jack Wills and J. Crew are already operating within this exact niche.

The new line features slimmer fits and new fabrics, according to GQ.com, as well as cutting-edge pieces such as sweats and swim trunks. York Street will convey a “slimmed-down-but-buttoned-up aesthetic” that we all know exemplifies the typical Yale student.

All of this seems to be a solid plan from the reputable brand. Their choice of spokesmen (spokes-a-cappella?), however, seems a little off. Were the Whiffs really the perfect choice for this slightly out-of-touch brand seeking to get in touch with a younger audience? Of course, Yalies do nothing but attempt to imitate the Whiffs’ style, but do other Ivy League students have the same devotion to our oldest a cappella group?

Plus, if they were going to go with the Whiffs, J. Press needed to go all the way. The Whiffs were not a part of the York Street by J. Press Fashion Week premier at the Yale Club in September 2012. We’ll forgive them, and maybe even spend some of the money we don’t have on preppy clothes we don’t need (or want). But only if they invite the Whiffs to Fashion Week next year.