Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy may not be the youngest current member of the United States Senate after all.

On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden chuckled as he administered the oath of office to not only Murphy but also his infant son, who rode comfortably on his father’s arm during the swearing-in ceremony.

“This is my 1-year-old, Rider,” said Murphy, presenting him to an enthusiastic Biden. Rider, in his Democratically hued oxford button-up, watched his father raise his right hand as Biden read the oath. “Put your hand up too,” urged Biden. Rider raised and then lowered his left arm, crinkling his brow confusedly at Biden when nothing seemed to come of the effort.

“What a good picture that’s going to be,” Biden remarked to the family. “You’re going to save that picture.”

And save it they should. Murphy, 39, defeated Republican opponent Linda McMahon, former CEO and president of World Wrestling Entertainment, in November after a long campaign fraught with negativity and personal attack ads. While McMahon spent over $40 million of her own money on the race, Murphy ended up taking 53 percent of the vote.

In a statement, Murphy said he hopes to help strengthen Connecticut’s economy and assist with the implementation of the new health-care law while in office. Recalling the December mass shooting in Newtown, he also said he intends to be a “leading voice” in the conversation to end gun violence.

Murphy replaces retiring Democrat Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67, who had held the position since 1989.