In a Sunday statement, members of the Yale-NUS faculty responded to the American Association of University Professors’ open letter, which expressed concerns about Yale-NUS College.

The document was signed by 25 members of the Yale-NUS faculty and criticizes AAUP for only asking Yale University faculty members to contact the group with their concerns about Yale-NUS, a move the statement said left out Yale-NUS faculty members. In addition, the statement said AAUP members had not consulted with any Yale-NUS faculty members about their concerns before publishing their open letter critiquing the new venture.

“In the spirit of collegiality and solidarity — and in shared concern for academic freedom; the rights of faculty, staff, and students; and shared faculty governance — we invite the AAUP to be informed of our efforts and to consult with us in the future,” the statement read.

Jill Campbell, an English professor who has been in contact with AAUP’s Committee on Academic Freedom, and Cary Nelson, one of the co-authors of AAUP’s open letter, replied to the statement via email.

Campbell said she shared all materials posted on the “Yale and Singapore” site — a joinable Classesv2 Web page that compiles various materials, including news coverage, opinion articles and public statements on Yale-NUS — with AAUP members.

“If there were an actual Yale-NUS campus already in operation, it would certainly have been appropriate to ask the faculty about their experiences, but there is not,” Nelson said.