Roughly one week after the release of the Yale College Council’s campus safety report, Yale Police Department Chief Ronnell Higgins emailed the Yale community Monday night about two different assaults that were reported on campus earlier today.

In a campuswide email sent Monday night, Higgins said around 6 p.m. a graduate student was assaulted by a group of teenage males riding bicycles in the area between Wall and High streets. Shortly afterwards, the Yale Police Department received a report that an undergraduate student had been assaulted by a group of male teenagers in the area of Wall and Temple streets.

Both incidents seem to have been perpetrated by the same group of teenaged males, according to Higgins’ email.

No weapons were displayed and no injuries were reported in either incident.

Higgins’ message about the two assaults comes six days after the YCC released its first report on campus safety, which presented an array of safety issues ranging from poor lighting to insufficient officer presence in certain locations near or on Yale’s campus. Among the areas identified that needed lighting improvements was the corner of Wall and Temple streets, where the second assault occurred.

The two assaults are currently under investigations by the YPD, Higgins wrote, adding that patrolling officers have been increased in the two areas.

“Please be aware that there have been several incidents of robbery and assault throughout the city that have involved both male and female juveniles, either on foot or on bicycles traveling as a group with the intent of robbing and assaulting people,” Higgins wrote in his email.

Anyone with knowledge of these incidents is encouraged to call the Yale Police at 203-432-4400 or text an anonymous tip to 6728.