Using the imminent Dec. 21, 2012 apocalypse as an excuse to put off studying for your econ final?

Well you might want to think again, because according to prominent Mayan scholar and Yale College Dean Mary Miller, the world will not end in 2012.

“I’m no seer, but I am confident that December 22 will see the dawn,” Miller wrote in a special report to CNN.

In an attempt to dispel the widespread “hoopla” and rapid stockpiling of post-apocalyptic supplies, Miller said in her report that she believes the world, will indeed, go on past December.

But Miller also took the opportunity as a teaching lesson, instructing readers that there is much to learn from the Mayans, who, at the brink of their civilization’s collapse, blithely continued their unsustainable way of life. In light of the devastation created by Hurricane Sandy and the real threat of global warming, Miller warned us that we cannot follow the Mayan lead, but rather, must tackle our environmental challenges directly and honestly. Otherwise, she warned, we may become victims of our own “brewing apocalypse.”

But for now, Miller says that we’ll all live to see second semester — so you might want to go ahead and study for that final.