What should Harvard to do help its students overcome the national sense that Harvard is a cesspool of elitism and pretentiousness? How do Harvard students talk about their “little school in Cambridge” when they arrive home for winter break? For Cantabs battling this existential crisis, a group of Harvard students will hold a workshop today helping their troubled peers tackle this huge issue.

The workshop, titled “Home from Harvard for the Holidays: Revisiting Relationships with Family and Friends,” is a tantalizingly alliterative event hosted by Harvard’s Office of Student Affairs. The event’s online description provides a quick glimpse into the magnificent mind of a typical Cantab, who, apparently, contemplates at this time of year questions such as “How do I talk about Harvard at home? and “Will I still fit in?”

Apart from these events, the student affairs office also holds workshops titled “Seasons of Grief” and “Self-Image Management,” issues clearly on par with the pressure of being treated differently now because, oh, that’s right: They go to Harvard now.

“Home from Harvard” took place from 1 to 2:30 p.m. today.

No word yet on how many students could afford to take 90 minutes out of their study schedules to attend this vital forum. In the meantime, Yalies will be gearing up for Mistletoad’s. #NoRegrets.