A Portrait of the Artist as a Young DKE Brother Legendary artist Vincent van Gogh has found an unlikely home: the beer-stained basement of Delta Kappa Epsilon. When the fraternity repainted its basement, President Nick Daffin ’13 took it upon himself to spray paint “Starry Night” onto the wall. Surprisingly, he is not studying art.

Do you know what a provost does? Neither do most Yalies. Check out the News’ website to hear how other students responded to this question.

Speaking of provosts. Dartmouth announced yesterday that Philip Hanlon, provost of the University of Michigan, will serve as the college’s next president. Hanlon’s appointment comes just three weeks after the University’s own provost, Peter Salovey, was announced Yale’s next president. But that’s where the similarities stop: Hanlon’s moustache can never match the one that made Salovey famous. Real talk.

Just keep swimming. Roughly 20 swimmers from the men’s swim team were trapped for 10 minutes in an elevator in Payne Whitney Gymnasium yesterday, bravely maintaining their composure as they waited for freedom. In their Speedos.

It’s almost over. Today is the last day of November, which means those of you who have been neglecting your razors in celebration of “No Shave November” can soon get rid of your fuzzy appendages. Unless, of course, your facial hair has been keeping you warm in this chilly New England weather.

We still have eight Rhodes. No Yalies were awarded the Marshall Scholarship this year, a break from Yale’s previous success with the honor. The University claimed one Marshall Scholar last year, three in 2010 and three in 2009.

Celeb sighting. Ward 22 Alderwoman Jeanette Morrison stopped by Silliman College’s dining hall for dinner last night.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1961 Four undergraduates and 10 Divinity School students make plans to participate in a series of sit-in demonstrations in Baltimore, Md. protesting segregation.