• Yale College Dean Mary Miller and Graduate School Dean Thomas Pollard have urged professors not to use take-home examinations in light of Harvard’s infamous cheating scandal, in which 125 Cantabs were caught collaborating on a take-home exam this semester. Miller said she wanted to re-emphasize other options in light of the recent events at Harvard. In-class examinations enable students to better balance their finals schedule and maintain a healthier lifestyle during the exam period because students often say take-home finals take more time than the three hours budgeted for in-class examinations.
  • Yale-NUS College, the liberal arts school Yale will open with the National University of Singapore next year, is now accepting applications from Yale seniors interested in becoming dean’s fellows at the college. The dean’s fellows, who will serve as Yale-NUS student counselors, will live in the Yale-NUS residential colleges along with students. Yale-NUS College Dean of Students Kyle Farley said students with American liberal arts college backgrounds will fill five of the 10 dean’s fellowships, and Singaporeans will fill the remaining five positions.
  • Michael Arad, the lead architect of the World Trade Center Memorial — which opened on the 10-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks — came to speak at a Saybrook Master’s Tea on Tuesday afternoon. During the talk, Arad talked about winning a design competition involving 5,201 participants in 2004 and seeing the memorial’s opening in 2011.

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