You all know that Harvard sucks, and chances are that you will need to get the hell off that crimson campus sometime over The Game weekend. But despite its connection with Yale’s safety school, Cambridge itelf isn’t that bad — if you know where to go. Here’s a WEEKEND guide to where you should eat, what you should do and where you should shop in while you’re up in frozen Massachusetts.


Eat! at Veggie Planet. Vegan or not, you will find something you love at Veggie Planet. It’s in Harvard Square, so you don’t have to stray too far to find civilization, and it’s known for its vegan and vegetarian pizza (it’s no BAR, but one makes do). Veggie Planet also has a liquor license (!) and turns into Club Passim, a folk music club, at night. As if that wasn’t enough, they are also known for a Sunday brunch with live music. We recommend their mimosas — we can’t wait.

Address: 47 Palmer St., Cambridge, MA.


Eat! at Felipe’s Taqueria. Though thousands of miles from Mexico, Felipe’s uses fresh ingredients and authentic recipes that keep customers coming back. We recommend the key lime lemonade and guacamole. Everything is made to order, and one Cambridge native who fled for New Haven, WEEKEND alum Cokey Cohen ’12, texted me (yeah, I got sources) that anyone who goes to the Cambridge Chipotle is not a townie but a heathen. Don’t be a Harvard student; if you want Mexican, go to Felipe’s.

Address: 83 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge, MA.


Shop! at The Garment District. A self-proclaimed “alternative department store,” The Garment District houses over 4,000 vintage and contemporary garments. Pick up a jean jacket for Crushes and Chaperones or buy an ugly Christmas sweater. You can also sell your warm clothes instead of bringing them home. Then you can afford more mimosas. (Logic is my QR.)

Address: 200 Broadway, Cambridge, MA.


Shop! at Anthropologie. So it may not be Cambridge-specific, but, like, it’s my favorite. If you want me to like literally anything you could possibly be wearing, check it the fuck out.

Address: 48 Brattle St., Cambridge, MA.


Do! check out the public art around Cambridge (before it gets too dark to see at like 3pm). The ever-changing graffiti alley at Modica way in Central Square is definitely a highlight. It’s not quite the Berlin Wall or Prague’s Lennon Wall, but it’s worth checking out, especially if you liked “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”

Address: 567 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA.


Do! go to The Middle East for a night out. The nightclub is known for featuring up-and-coming bands. This Saturday, the Po Boyz are headlining. Yeah, it seems a bit like Toad’s, but maybe a little more legit and a little less sketchy. (But re: Toad’s, let’s be real — we’d never ditch our tried and true townies.)

Address: 472 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA.