Harvard sucks. Don’t you forget it. Make sure to make that clear when you root for the Bulldogs at the Yale-Harvard game tomorrow.

And while we’re on the subject. Harvard also sucks at filmmaking. Harvard’s comedy group “On Harvard Time” released a video parodying Yale yesterday afternoon titled “Yale Side Story.” The video, which attempts to follow the plotline of “West Side Story,” includes all of the classic marks of a Harvard-produced video: atonal singing, unclear story line and jokes about Tasers.

Going green. The Sustainability Service Corps celebrated “America Recycles Day” on Cross Campus yesterday. Organizers put up posters about sustainability efforts and encouraged passers-by to write down what they thought recycling meant on a whiteboard.

Joining forces. The New Haven Police Department will host a delegation from the Tajikistan police force today as part of an ongoing training program between the two departments. The delegation is representing the Community Policing Partnership Team program and will learn policing methods from various American law enforcement agencies.

Smackdown! A recent article by The Boston Globe placed New Haven and Cambridge in an Ivy League brawl, comparing the merits of both cities based on food, shopping, and arts and culture experiences. Though The Globe named New Haven the superior city for hamburgers, it gave Cambridge the edge on the “Dinner on Mom and Dad” category.

Thanksgiving cheer. Officials at Connecticut food banks say they will need more food or money donations this Thanksgiving due to damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy. In particular, officials say, they need turkeys to help ensure Connecticut residents can celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Cash for Connecticut. Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said yesterday that the state may face a $1.2 billion deficit next year. Though state residents saw the largest tax increase in Connecticut history last year, Malloy said he has no intention of raising taxes to address the deficit.

Seeking employment. The number of people seeking unemployment benefits has risen to its highest level in 18 months because of damage from Hurricane Sandy.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1982 More than 300 medical school workers attend a union rally at noon for Local 34.