As Yalies prepare to take Harvard by storm for The Game this weekend, they may need to leave their beer pong plans behind.

After a Nov. 6 meeting, Harvard faculty and administrators voted nearly unanimously to put into effect a new alcohol policy that aims to establish more explicit guidelines for students’ private parties and dorm events. Though the new policy relaxes alcohol policies for House formals, they ban high-risk competitive drinking games. Harvard’s ban on hard alcohol and kegs at tailgates remain in place and will be enforced at The Game.

For Harvard students, though, certain parts of the new policy remain frustratingly ambiguous, prompting questions on whether beer pong counts as an activity that “promote[s] high-risk drinking, such as excessive and/or rapid consumption of alcohol, particularly of a competitive nature.”  

Yalies who are at least 21 years old will need to show identification and get a wristband in order to consume alcohol. Students cannot bring their own alcohol to the tailgate.

For a full list of Harvard’s “Rules of the Game,” click here.  

To read the new alcohol policy in its entirety, click here.