Dark horse candidate? An Elm City native declared his candidacy for New Haven mayor on Tuesday, becoming the second person — after incumbent Mayor John DeStefano Jr. — to make his candidacy official so far. A 55-year-old plumber, Sundiata Keitazulu is running on a platform of poverty alleviation and increased policing for his hometown of Newhallville.

No, that dress doesn’t make you look fat. Yalies can expect to hear more comments of that nature after a new Facebook page, “Yale Compliments,” launched earlier this week. As of Wednesday night, the Facebook page already had more than 300 friends and delivered more than a dozen compliments. Compliments ranged from the heartfelt to the lighthearted, with people praising each other’s writing skills, clothes and even moustaches.

Spotted. University President Richard Levin was seen with CNN host and former Yale Corporation trustee Fareed Zakaria ’86 last night at a Yale event at Per Se restaurant in New York City. No word on Levin’s long-term plans after Yale, but could we start seeing his face on CNN anytime soon? We can only speculate.

History repeating itself. Ten New Haven police officers are seeking a court injunction to block the city from promoting sergeants based off a recently administered test. The legal action is reminiscent of Ricci v. DeStefano, a 2009 Supreme Court case in which 20 firefighters filed a reverse discrimination lawsuit against New Haven. The Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.

Where fun goes to die. Harvard students have expressed confusion over the college’s updated alcohol policies, which ban competitive “activities that promote high-risk drinking.” Does beer pong count?

Do your part. The Yale School of Art is holding a silent auction to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Officials have asked faculty and graduate students in the school to donate a piece of their work for an upcoming auction. All proceeds will be donated to charity to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy in the Rockaways and Staten Island in New York, and those in the creative arts community.

No money, mo’ problems. Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy told the Appropriations Committee yesterday that the state is running a $365 million deficit. Medicaid accounted for about $260 million of the shortfall.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1982 A new committee chaired by professor Donald Kagan evaluates and aims to define the residential college system.