At 8:53 p.m., the Yale College Council attempted to solicit student input on improving campus safety. Its plan? Share a Google Doc with the entire campus community.

Students were all too excited to participate.

The document spawned some productive suggestions before being rapidly overrun by Internet “trolls.”

As of press time, some popular suggestions ranged from “i feel like the weather is too cold at night in the winter time,” “we should make it warmer outside,” “They’re really rough on us at Bass about books” and “I think we should build a footbridge over Elm Street!”

At several points during the process, the entire document was wiped clean, replaced by a series of “o’s” and a note that a “ghost” was around. At 9:22 p.m., one person wrote in bold “leandwtf” at the top of the document.

But the document’s creators put up a hefty fight.

“YCC WILL NOT TOLERATE TROLLS,” was written at one point, followed by “YOU SHALL NOT PASSSSSSSSSSSS.”

Some highlights:
“Halloween wasn’t very fun this year. Can we make it Halloween again?”
“Wall St. sidewalk near BK North has some bricks that need to be recemented. Very dangerous as they shift as you walk on them.”

As of press time, Yale College Council President John Gonzalez’s ’14 Facebook status read “TROLLS WILL NOT STOP THE YCC. Don’t mess with [YCC Secretary] Leandro Legarda Leviste.”

Editing for the document was disabled at 9:43 p.m, before reopening a few minutes later.

UPDATE 10:26 p.m.: Due to trolling, the YCC has locked the Google Doc and is asking students to fill out a form with their suggestions. Any ideas will be immediately added to the document.