Everyone likes sushi — but would you be willing to stuff your face as fast as you can with 100 pieces of it?

On Sunday afternoon, the Yale Event Management Association organized its first ever “Sushi Showdown.” Thirty-two teams of three people each competed to see which team could finish 100 pieces first. The winners? Team “Sushi All Eaten,” three Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity brothers who finished their plate of 100 pieces of sushi in a mind-blowing 2:02 minutes. As a prize, Mike Wolner ’14, Jeremy Goldstein ’14 and Arjun Shastri ’14 will receive one free meal at Sushi Mizu per month for the rest of the year.

“I wasn’t sure how fast we would be able to go, but after I got the first 12 pieces of spicy tuna down and looked to see the clock was at five seconds, I knew we would win,” Goldstein said in an email. He added that “pouring water over the sushi was an invaluable technique.”

For the event, Sushi Mizu chefs prepared 3,200 pieces of sushi and housed a packed crowd that extended all the way to the back room of the restaurant. Loud pump-up music blared throughout the restaurant and teams were able to choose their own names, which led to creative, sushi-related titles such as “Three guys, one roll,” and “The Three Maguro-sketeers,” as well as some unrelated ones, such as “Team Rocket” and “The Shaft Graspers.”

Lucy Chen ’14, a YEMA member who helped organize the event, said there were over 70 teams, which accounted for roughly 210 Yalies competing in the event.