For the past six months, the News’ web development team has been building a website from scratch in order to move online content to a new host — WPEngine — which will give us more room to innovate online. As of Monday, all previous articles, columns, photos and videos have been transferred to the new website.

As with any new technology, there will be glitches in the early stages; not all comments made over the weekend were successfully transferred to the new site. We are currently looking throughout our new website to find these errors, but if you do find any glitches on the website, please report them to

None of this would have been possible without the efforts of Mike DiScala ’14, who oversaw the majority of site development and continued to work at the News long after the Managing Board of 2013’s term ended.

Earl Lee ’15 and Akshay Nathan ’15, lead web developers for the Managing Board of 2014, were crucial in finishing the project and will oversee website development in the future.


Tapley Stephenson, Editor in Chief

Caroline Tan, Online Editor