Roughly 30 students, graduate students and community members gathered in the Yale Law School courtyard Sunday morning to join Canadians around the world in observing Remembrance Day.
Organized by Josh Satok ’14, Eric Chen ’15, Lindsey Uniat ’15 and Adam Goldenberg LAW ’14, the 15-minute student-led service honored Canadians who have sacrificed their lives in wartime during the country’s history. As students and community members stood in a circle in the courtyard with poppies pinned to their coats, they started the service singing the Canadian national anthem in unison.
Three students then delivered three poetry readings by Canadian writers, and the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s principal trumpet player Nathaniel Meyer ’13 played “Reveille,” which is typically played at these ceremonies. Attendees then concluded the service by singing Canada’s royal anthem together.
The student organizers have been involved with promoting Canadian life at Yale. Goldenberg said he contacted Pierson College Master Harvey Goldblatt, chair of the Canadian Studies Committee, to organize the Remembrance Day ceremony, and Satok and Chen began the Yale Undergraduate Canadians’ Association roughly one month ago.
“I didn’t know how many people would show up, but I was really impressed with how the service went,” Satok said.
The Yale Undergraduate Canadians’ Association holds weekly dinners on Thursday nights.