The Yale Center for British Art announced yesterday that the public can now access its entire collection of art online.

Home to the most comprehensive array of British art outside of the United Kingdom, the British Art Center carries roughly 2,000 paintings, 200 sculptures and 50,000 prints and drawings from the Elizabethan period onwards.

In a press release, the British Art Center announced an interest in “developing new technologies for research in the realm of cultural heritage.” In addition to high-resolution images and free downloads of works in the public domain, the enhancement of the British Art Center’s online collection includes more data — most in the form of biographical citations — that will accompany individual pieces of art.

In an effort to broaden its audience, the British Art Center is also collaborating with the Google Art Project and other platforms to make its holdings more accessible.

The British Art Center is this year’s recipient of the Benjamin West Prize, awarded by London’s Royal Academy to an institution that has demonstrated considerable commitment to Anglo-American art.