Across campus tonight, students are jittering with anxiety — most waiting anxiously to hear who takes the White House, but some frantically thinking about math.

Roughly 185 Math 120 students filed into Davies Auditorium two hours ago to take the second of the course’s two midterm exams. While the nation tunes into coverage of the election, these students will have to turn their attention to integrals and vector fields.

“I was going to watch the results live,” Math 120 student Stephen Hemenway ’16 said. “I guess now I’ll just take the math test and check out what’s going on in the polls when the test is over.”

Of 10 students interviewed, none have voiced complaints about the time conflict, and the math department has elected to hold the midterm at the originally scheduled time. Students, professors and administrators interviewed all said that the midterm should not prevent students from voting.

Fingers crossed all around.