Halloween can be a high-pressure holiday. With a whole week full of social events — from the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s Fall Show to Pierson’s Inferno — it can be stressful to think up a list of costumes that strike just the right balance between clever and cute.

Cross Campus has your back. Check out our top six Halloween costumes for 2012:

1) Sandy from Grease

Have you got chills multiplying? Maybe it’s the gusty winds blowing off of this week’s storm—or maybe it’s just time to celebrate Halloween with a Grease-themed costume. Remember the days when you dressed up as a Pink Lady? Every costume store sells this classic— a pre-packaged poodle skirt and collared blouse. But if ever there was a time to celebrate Sandy, it’s right now. Together, she and University Vice President Linda Lorimer gave us two extra days of fall break and food rations hefty enough to keep dorms stocked for weeks, so whip out your 1950s hair-bow in tribute to the most popular girl on campus.

2) PSY

Getting tired of the dance moves you see every Wednesday at Toad’s? This Halloween, maybe it’s time to impress all your friends by learning to Gangnam Style. In fact, don’t even bother learning the dance move. Just grab a flashy white tux and some sunglasses and bam — you’re basically a Korean pop sensation.

3) Maine Lobsterman

As we’ve said before, this is the costume of the season. Coming out of this week’s storm, it’s legitimate to worry that your Halloween night might end up spoiled by rain. Worried about having your costume wrecked by the weather? Forget dress to impress — this year, the ideal costume might be a Maine lobsterman. Just grab the biggest poncho you can find and some oversized rubber boots. And don’t forget to end the night at Miya’s for some lobster sushi. Who doesn’t love a costume that comes with a mandatory snack?

4). Celebrity Couple: The Levins

It’s University President Richard Levin’s final year as Yale’s top dog. The Pundits have offered their farewell in humorous emails sent to the Yale community. Costumed students will say their goodbyes at his annual Halloween party tonight. But why don’t you really show your appreciation for Levin’s 20 years of service with a costume tribute? Celebrity couples are always a trendy Halloween dress-up option, but Angie and Brad are getting old. Extra points if you get the Jane Levin pixie haircut.

5) Binders Full of Women

With six days to the election, everyone is talking about Gov. Mitt Romney’s big gaffe in the presidential debate. This costume takes some handiwork, but the results are worth it. Find a large piece of cardboard and cover it with magazine cutouts of women. Wrap it around you and you’ll have your own life-size binder. It’s a political statement, and it says “NO” to your typical sexist Halloween outfit.

6) Mean Girls Mouse, duh!

If you’re rushing to pull together a costume and you’re tempted to just grab those trusty old mouse ears so you can be Karen from “Mean Girls,” don’t worry. It’s understandable—you’re busy, you’re stressed, and costumes are not at the top of your priority list. But if you’re going to dress cliché, at least be ironic about it. Dress up as the lead singer of Modest Mouse and walk around belting the lyrics to “King Rat.” Or make an original “Mean Girls” reference and dress up as Kevin the Mathlete. Bonus points if you learn his rap.

Correction: Nov. 1, 2012

An earlier version of this article misspelled “Gangnam.” The News sincerely regrets this error and offers its apologies to Korean pop star PSY.