Happy Halloween! Hurricane Sandy left just in time for Yalies to grab their fake wigs, huge pearls, neon leotards and giant sunglasses and deck out in costume to celebrate everybody’s favorite holiday. Whether you dress up as a binder full of women or a Maine lobsterman, make sure to stay safe. And unlike the last two days, class today isn’t canceled, so don’t forget to show up. In costume.

Our very own ghost story. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, a skeleton was discovered in the roots of a tree on the New Haven Green yesterday afternoon. One student walking past the Green said he could see the back of the skull, socket of the right eye and a portion of the ribs. According to investigators, the skeleton may have belonged to an early New Haven resident who had been resting under the Green for years. Until now.

Sweepin’ after Sandy. Sandy may have left the Elm City, but the cleanup and recovery process has only just begun. For the next few days, the University will offer support services — including warm showers, ice and discounted lunches — to all community members affected by the hurricane. Hot lunch will be served in Commons for $5 through Friday, and ice will be available at the corner of Grove and College streets.

Leaving Halloween behind. For some, Halloween may have to wait another week. New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. has urged Elm City residents to refrain from trick-or-treating tonight as New Haven recovers from the Frankenstorm. Officials from Milford, East Haven, West Haven, Branford and Orange, Conn. are also urging families to keep their children at home for Halloween.

In hot water. Former defensive lineman Pat Moran ’12 is facing a criminal investigation after he was caught on tape discussing a plan to cast up to 100 fraudulent ballots. The plan involved forged utility bills and bank statements to pass voter registration laws. Moran resigned last week from his father’s — U.S. Rep. Jim Moran — re-election campaign when the video was released.

Rounding up support. After the University abruptly cut ties with Buddhist nonprofit center Indigo Blue and the center’s leader Bruce Blair ’81, the former Buddhist Chaplain emailed the center’s participants Tuesday morning urging the students to support one another. In his email, Blair said he was “taken by surprise” when his nine-year relationship with Yale ended.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1942 The Yale Bulldogs beat the Brown Bears 27 – 0, marking the football team’s first shutout in five years.